In this blog, we will discuss how packaging design can be improved to have a powerful shelf impact.

The most effective way to get customers to choose your product from the shelf is to test the market for various designs and trust the numbers (in sales). However, there are some steps you can take in advance to enhance your chances of success.

First, know your audience.

A design that appeals to the customers can be created by identifying and understanding the general values, general behaviours, and preferences of the target audience and buyers.

For example, if your target audience is buyers who care about sustainability, packaging made out of sustainable materials will have an upper hand over other packaging. In this case, the buyers’ emotions associated with sustainability will play a much stronger role than the visual impact of the packaging design.

Next, ensure the packaging clearly and boldly communicates what makes the product inside stand out.

High nutritional value, exceptional durability, and high quality should be represented either visually or verbally on the packaging to bring awareness to shoppers.

Unique design can compel a consumer to buy something they weren’t even looking for. And while such a purchase does not ensure a recurring one, it exposes your product to a wider audience.

What do customers expect from a clever packager?

# 1: Sustainability

In this day and age, when sustainability is at the heart of the international community’s agenda, you must provide sustainable products to your customers. On the one hand, we have recyclable packaging, on the other hand, a sustainable strategy that enormously influences consumers.

You should get ready.

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# 2: The return to retro

There has been a resurgence of retro packaging design recent years, but nostalgia is increasingly making the news.

It appears that collective values are changing. People are nostalgic for the past, they seek a return to traditions, and they dream of a frugal lifestyle. Brands have immediately noticed this emerging paradigm and are asking designers to rediscover the origins of their most classic designs. We therefore believe it is likely for rather familiar packages to reappear on store shelves next year.

# 3: Vibrant colours

As much as we loved the rise of pastel colours in the years 2020 and 2021, now is the time for something more courageous and challenging. Psychologists argue that colours affect our mood. This is probably why consumers and businesses try to evoke feelings of happiness and optimism. Even more so since the last two years have given us the exact opposite. Bright and saturated colours in packaging draw the attention to the product

# 4: functionality of Product

Sustainable Packaging In 2021 And Beyond [Ideas & Examples] | Packhelp

This argument will seem a bit trivial to you because any packaging should be functional, right?

Particularly in the Health and Beauty sectors, some brands are trying to eliminate the “noise” in their design by creating gray-scale and functional packaging showing only the essential information. These products currently stand out thanks to their practicality and earn the trust of consumers when compared to over-done graphic design. There are no jarring

typefaces, false promises, or glittery color. If it suits your product, this approach can prove truly effective for marketing. We think that more and more people will choose functionality. Don’t get your hopes up though, simple designs are often the hardest to achieve so make sure your creatives know exactly where you’re going.

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